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Founded in 2010, Value Tech Co Ltd. is a company specializing in refurbishment and support of 200mm and 300mm systems and their components for the semiconductor industry. We can provide the state of art expertise and support services to extend the life cycle of customer systems and various components. Currently, our main activity is repair and refurbishment of the robot systems and our refurbished robots have been qualified globally by several key customers. Our key competences are differentiated by far from any others on the followings;

1) We have enough inventories to run 1 to 1 Exchange program. This zero lead time makes customer no worry about long-term tool down. We have more than 70 robots, 60 controllers and 10 aligners ready for recovering customer’s tool down situation right away.

2) We have the combined expertise for both Robotics and Semiconductor Equipment. Our engineers are trained from Semiconductor Tool makers and Robot Makers as well as Semiconductor Fabs., and they are well cross trained. Any of our engineers can easily trace and resolve the complicated problems which might have happened at any area regardless of robotics related or semiconductor equipment related.

3) Our high standard of service capabilities and qualities are our pride. We manage the widened inspection criteria and maintain the tightened specification rather than any others.

We are always there for our customer needs.

Company Name Value Tech Co., Ltd
Founded April 1st 2010
Address 3F 46, Dongtansandan 2-gil, Dongtan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (18487)
E-mail :
Certification - ISO9001
- Venture Business
Business Scope Hardware, Software and the Services for Semiconductor Equipments
Products Robotics Repair and Overhaul
Kawasaki Robot Repair Service
Tool Refurbishment and Restorations
Upgrade and Modification
CMP Module Repair
Parts Localization and Trading
Surplus Equipments and Parts